Evaluation of Optimal Substitute Ratio of Fly Ash Based on

Fly ash is widely used for replacing partial cement and producing high-performance concrete. The concrete production company is interested in the optimal substitute ratio of fly ash. This study presents a general procedure for evaluating the optimal substitute ratio of fly ash. First, the compressive strength of fly ash blended concrete is evaluated based on adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference

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Coal ash and fly ash have many uses, ranging from use in concrete as an SCM to synthetic gypsum for wallboard to mining applications. Of the 38.2 million tons of fly ash produced, only 14.1 million tons are used in concrete. Fly ash is the most plentiful of all SCMs and is roughly half the cost of portland cement. However, because of increased

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Investigation on 3D 1-mm Pavement-Surface-Model-Based AASHTO PP69-10 Rutting Parameters. The Application of Various Indicators for the Estimation of Carbonation and pH of Cement Based Materials. Cyclic Tests on High-Strength Prestressed Concrete Frames. Fly Ash as a Pre-Filter Material for the Retention of Lead Ions.

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Durability of concrete. Test method. Measurement of carbonation penetration rate in hardened concrete. Part 1: Natural method. Fly ash for the aerated concrete production 60 Fly ash for building industry purposes – Part 6: Fly ash for the production of artificial aggregates by clinkerink; 61 Fly ash for building industry purposes – Part

Experimental Investigation of Neutralisation of Concrete

To study the durability of concrete with fly ash as fine aggregate under alternate freeze-thaw and carbonation, freeze-thaw and carbonation cyclic tests are conducted to explore variation characteristics such as relative dynamic modulus of elasticity and neutralisation depth. The influence coefficient ( λ C ) of carbonation on concrete freeze-thaw damage and the influence coefficient (&#

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Comparative study of accelerated carbonation of plain

Introduction. Carbonation of concrete is the term used to illustrate the effect of carbon dioxide (CO 2) on concrete.This process is facilitated by the ingress of CO 2 into concrete through its pores. When carbon dioxide (CO 2) from atmosphere comes in contact with the hydration products of cement, it changes the physical and chemical properties of the concrete [1], [2], [3].

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Experimental Investigation of Concrete Carbonation Under

The following conclusions can be drawn based on the TABLE 5 THE THEORETICAL VALUE OF CARBONATION DEPTH (mm) analysis of the test results of concrete carbonation: Time 5% 20% (1) The artificial accelerated carbonation of concrete (days) T01 T02 T03 T01 T02 T03 under low CO2 concentration level is practicable when 20 6.24 4.62 3.18 12.47 9.24 6

Prediction of properties of self-compacting concrete

This paper investigates the feasibility of using artificial neural networks (ANNs) modeling to predict the properties of self-compacting concrete (SCC) containing fly ash as cement replacement. For the purpose of constructing this model, a database of experimental data was gathered from the literature and used for training and testing the model.

The Influence of Slag and Fly Ash on the Carbonation of

Development of Artificial Neural Network Model for Permeability of High Performance Concrete and discusses the effect of fly ash (FA) on the carbonation and carbonation-induced corrosion of

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Geopolymer Concrete Compressive Strength via Artificial

In this study, the three artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, namely, artificial neural network (ANN), adaptive neuro-fuzzy interface (ANFIS), and gene expression programming (GEP) are used to establish a reliable and accurate model to estimate the compressive strength (f ′ c) of fly ash–based geopolymer concrete (FGPC). A database of

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Accelerated carbonation (CO 2 = 3 vol.%) on slag/MK geopolymers shows that carbonation occurs faster as MK content increases and leads to a reduction in compressive strength. 202 Moreover, accelerated carbonation at 50% CO 2 on MK-based geopolymers forms large amounts of sodium bicarbonate, leading to a lower pH of the pore solution; while the

Fly Ash & the Lightweight Aggregate Market

In 2015, the global fly ash market was estimated to be valued at 40 billion USD. A recent industry analysis by Research Nester anticipates the market will reach an estimated 70 billion USD by the end of 2023 – a 7.1% CAGR owing to increasing urbanization and a boost in construction projects.. Along with bottom ash (BA) and flue gas desulfurization gypsum (FGD gypsum, or synthetic gypsum

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Seventy-six experimental data points on CPT expansion results for plain Portland cement and fly ash-blended concrete mixtures were used to develop and evaluate the model. The model successfully predicts the fly ash required to mitigate ASR for different aggregates, cement, and fly ash combinations.

Carbonation Depth Model and Prediction of Hybrid Fiber Fly

4.1. Effect of Fly Ash Content on Carbonation Depth of Concrete. In order to analyze the influence of fly ash content on the carbonation depth of concrete, the carbonation depth of hybrid fiber reinforced concrete (HFRC) with fly ash content of 0%, 5%, 10%, 20%, and 30% varies with time, as shown in Figure 6. <- Prev.

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portland cement, and 35% fly ash had the lowest cost required for manufacturing the blocks for artificial reefs and oyster substrates. A feasibility study of calcium sulphate contained CCP based material utilization in road construction using Roller - Compacted Concrete (RCC) demonstrated improved workability and strength performance of the

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machine-learning-based model for carbonation behavior of fly-ash concrete. The application is based on the data obtained from past experimental studies on the accelerated carbonation of fly-ash